Bitter is the New Gangsta!

Have you done your spring cleaning yet??? As most will recognize the need for spring cleaning of our homes this time of year… what about our bodies…our internal environment…our temples.

Just as everyday you have to dust, sweep, put things up, etc. to keep things clean, without this regular practice, a mass accumulation of dirt and clutter would practically bring all necessary functioning to a halt.  Well don’t you think this is true internally as well? How do you think your vital organs are feeling right about now???

Agreed, the body is already wired to eliminate waste, but in this society, we hardly get enough rest to restore, cleanse and heal AND to make matters worse we are literally being polluted at every turn. The food, the water, the air, our cell phones and electronic devices, the list goes on and on…toxins, toxins, toxins.

Anyone remember those good ole days of lining up for castor oil??? A thing of the past it seems…So don’t you think it is time to take some action and assist your body in shedding some old gunk (and this usually comes with pounds off…Yay!).

Let’s get those vital organs smiling again!!!

So how do we do it???  Well thankfully nature always has an answer.

Consider this…Did you know we have at least 6 tastes of food and they all have different actions.

  1.  sweet which builds tissue and calms nerves
  2. sour which cleans tissues and helps absorption
  3. salty which lubricates tissues and stimulates digestion
  4. astringent which absorbs water and tightens tissues
  5. pungent which stimulates digestion and metabolism and
  6. BITTER which DETOXIFIES and LIGHTENS tissues.

Now, we get plenty of all the other tastes but rarely do we get the BITTER taste greatly responsible for detoxification!!!  So basically if you haven’t figured it out just yet, the more toxins we have to face, the more we need bitters to keep our tissues LIGHT and RIGHT!

ReaL TaLk… as the amount of toxins that we encounter on a daily basis becomes more pervasive in our lives, bitters have become the new GANGSTA if ya wanna live right!  Check out this video on one Black Seed Bitters that can make all the difference in the world!

Now if you know someone who may need a wake call and/or is suffering from poor health and could benefit from this video, don’t keep it to yourself, please copy the link and share.

As we at keep striving to reach higher heights, we have more videos on everyday livity just like this coming your way, so hop on our email list and subscribe to our Axum Culture youtube channel!

Before I go… Do YOU have a positive experience with bitters you would like to share…well, help yourself to our comment section… never know who could be looking for just YOUR story.  We’d love to hear from you!

Peace, Love & Light


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